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The PHIL LIGGETT FOUNDATION is Legacy Project that has been established by PROTOUCH AFRICA, in partnership with Phil Liggett, as an Impact Investment Platform for his much-loved sport of CYCLING and his passion for WILDLIFE CONSERVATION. The Foundation has two distinct areas of fundraising focus – African Athlete Development and Wildlife Conservation in Africa.


The PHIL LIGGETT FOUNDATION is an Impact Investment Platform, focussed on promoting diversity and opportunity for top performing African Road Cyclists (Men and Women) participating in UCI-registered Teams and international road cycling events.


Is to establish a sustainable Athlete Impact Investment Fund to enable more African Road Cyclists onto the World Stage, in the lead up to #Kigali2025 and beyond.

We aspire to positively impact the lives of talented African Athletes and consequently their communities, using cycling as the platform.


History and colonialism brought cycling to the African continent, but geography, climate and culture has helped African athletes to embrace and excel at it – despite this, African riders still struggle to break into the WorldTour.

The reasons for the lack of diversity when it comes to African riders are complex – visas, immigration, language barriers, and cultural preconceptions are all at play. In the women’s peloton, even more so…


“Every cyclist from Africa, we place into the global cycling ecosystem has the opportunity to transform many more opportunities for the athletes that follow and, the communities that they support” – Phil Liggett – Global Voice of Cycling.


Our beneficiaries include top performing African Road Cyclists and Teams participating in UCI events, as well as those selected to participate in our planned international racing tours. Qualifying Athletes and Teams include:

PROTOUCH PRO RACING TEAM/S: Continental Men’s Team, ranked number one in Africa. We plan to extend this to include a Women’s Team in the future.

INDIVIDUAL ROAD CYCLISTS FROM AFRICA: selected to represent their country at the African Continental Championships World Championships [Junior & U23].

Note: Riders contracted to World Tour and Pro Tour Teams are NOT eligible for funding. The allocation of these funds is determined by the Phil Liggett Foundation’s investment committee annually.


The PHIL LIGGETT FOUNDATION is focused on driving fundraising initiatives to support ACTIVE AND LEGITIMATE anti-poaching unit projects as well as the conservation of Africa’s most threatened birds.


To support active and legitimate anti-poaching units, and further their efforts in eradicating the poaching of rhinos and other endangered species, as well as preventing extinctions through bird protection projects.

We aspire to positively impact the committed human ‘wildlife and birdlife’ protectors, their communities and our planet for future generations.


We are inspired to play our part, in enabling the human ‘wildlife and birdlife’ protectors to prevent further extinctions.


THE KARIEGA FOUNDATION a non-profit trust, born out of the desire to contribute to sustainable wildlife management and conservation and the upliftment of local communities. It works in collaboration with Kariega Game Reserve and is fuelled by a levy paid by guests .

BIRDLIFE SOUTH AFRICA is the only dedicated bird conservation organisation in South Africa focussing its efforts on the conservation of South Africa’s most threatened birds.